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Established in 2009, B+fierce Studio is located in the heart of the trendy Kitsilano neighbourhood. We are an exclusive supplier of some of the top luxury hair brands, such as Living Proof, Balmain Hair Couture and Davines. Our stylists are equipped with the experience, knowledge and the skills to help you meet all your hairstyle desires, whether it be Sustainable Beauty, Miami Fresh or anything in between; our goal is to give our clients a perfect hair day, every day. 

We are a Green Circle Salons member, which means we recycle colour tubes, hair foils, light bulbs, paper, plastic, tin, metals, electronics, batteries, and more! They also help us to safely dispose of chemical waste so that it doesn’t go down the drain.


Our Story

Khameron Bryley Chanasith began his interest and career in hair styling during his high school years, then he went on to learn all the technical skills needed to be a professional stylist. When he moved to Vancouver in 1996, his vision was to open a salon as a space for inspiration, sharing and learning. In 2009, B+fierce Salon was opened on the West Side of Vancouver, in the heart of Kitsilano.  Since then, B+fierce has been growing and thriving off Khameron’s vision of a community that is educating stylists and clients alike on how to style, cut and colour hair with the proper products and care. 



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