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" I want to grow all of our businesses together, not just my business. "

– Khameron


B+fierce Studio is an ethical salon that carries top luxury hair brands, such as Living Proof, Balmain Hair Couture and Davines. We are offering chairs for rent in our spacious salon, no long-term commitments.



Stylist Hub is a project that was launched in 2018 by B+fierce Studios to create a space for individuals in Vancouver’s beauty industry that are looking for no commitment space to do business. Whether you are brand-new or a veteran of the beauty industry, our goal is to cultivate Vancouver’s beauty community and we’re starting with you. B+Fierce’s Stylist Hub wants to support your creative journey, your individuality and empower you to become your own entrepreneur by offering a positive environment for you to take care of your clients and grow your own business.  


–  Who we are  –

Established in 2009, B+fierce Studio is located in the heart of the trendy Kitsilano neighbourhood. We are an exclusive supplier of some of the top luxury hair brands, such as Living Proof, Balmain Hair Couture and Davines. Stylist Hub is a project that was launched in 2018 to give back to Vancouver’s beauty community by sharing our space, amenities, knowledge and resources.


–  Who you are  –

freelance-makeup artist-05.png
Make-Up Artist
or Stylist
Make-up Artist or
Stylist Working
from Home
Eyelash Stylist
Make-up Artist or Stylist
in Transition

And more...


–  how it works  –



Book the day(s), week or month that you will need the chair.



Bring your client to the comfort and professional setting of our salon



Pack up your gear until your next appointment!




· Big, clean, spacious salon space and amenities

· Towels, smocks, colour bowls, colour brushes and colour trollies

· Boutique hair styling product lines

· Shampoo/conditioner & styling products

· Water, Insurance & a Safe Work Space

· Access to the back bar for breaks

· Retail bonus paid by the day


· Professional salon space when you need it

· Flexible schedule with no long-term commitments 

· Start building your business as soon as you graduate

· Great solution for make-up artists and stylists in transition

· Safer than working out of your home

· Bring your tools, we’ll provide the station




Q: How do I book with B+fierce Studio’s Stylist Hub?

A: Please contact Khameron at 604.737.8000 to book with Stylist Hub or book online here. We require at least 24 hours notice for bookings. 

Q: How much is it to rent with Stylist Hub? 

A: Single chair rental start at $20/hour (plus GST), $50/half-day (plus GST) and $75/full-day (plus GST). This is a limited time offer. We can rent by hour(s), day(s), week(s) or month(s). If you wish to rent on Sunday or Monday, please see below about off-hour bookings. Please inquire for more details on pricing.


Q: Who can rent with Stylist Hub? 

A:  Any professional practitioner of cosmetology or hair styling can rent our space. If you are a barber, hairstylist, eyelash stylist or make-up artist and you feel that our space is a good fit for you, feel free to contact us!


Q: When are your hours of operation? 

A: We are open Tuesday to Fridays from 10AM – 7PM and Saturday from 9AM – 5PM. 

Q: What if I want to rent during off-hours? 

A: We do not offer rentals after hours from Tuesday to Saturdays. However, we offer full-day, full-space rentals if you wish to book on a Sunday or Monday. Full-Day booking are $450/day, with a total of six salon chairs for your use. A damage deposit and key deposit or $200 will be required, and we will provide you with a key and the alarm code. Once we have checked that the studio is in good condition after your session, your $200 deposit will be refunded. Please note that refunds take 5 - 10 business days to process. Please contact Khameron for more details.


Q: When I am charged for my Stylist Hub booking? 

A: You will be required to pay B+fierce Studio before your booked timeslot. 

Q: What are my options for processing customer payments at Stylist Hub? 

A: As a visiting cosmetologist or stylist, you are responsible for handling the payments of your customers. We recommend cash, or alternatively, many stylists use apps such as 1stPayMobile or Square to process their clients’ debit or credit cards. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

A: Our cancellation policy requires at least 24 hours notice for all booking cancellations or changes for you to receive a full refund. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours, no refund will be remitted.

Q: Can I make sales of your retail products during the booking?

A: Definitely! You're welcome to sell any products we have in the salon. Commission of all retail sales will be 10% from $0~$500, and from $501+ will be 15% of retail sold for the month. This will be paid out daily.


"Love coming to B Fierce! Always feel like coming home. My daughter feels the same way! Kham and the team are always friendly and service is always top notch. Can’t get enough of Living Proof! Awesome product!! "

– Evelyn, Customer.

" Khameron is always such a professional, you never get hair down your shirt, makes sure you know how to use the right product, trains you, and always creates great hair! You definitely need to go here! "

– Todd, Customer.

Please contact Khameron at
604.737.8000 to book with Stylist Hub
or book online below.